Underwater Services of NJ is an underwater diving repair business located in Bradley Beach, NJ. We are in our 19th year of operation. We are engaged in all aspects of underwater repair and inspection. Our specialty is the repair of swimming pools for leaks and cosmetic problems. There is not a problem that we have not found a solution for.  Our rates are competitive and we stand behind our work.

Our area of coverage includes all NJ, NY, PA, CT, DE and MD. We will find leaks by using pressure testing equipment, dye testing, visual inspection and electronic leak detection. Most repairs can be made with the water in the pool reducing downtime during the short summer season.  We look forward to helping you wth your pool problems and doing business with you. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email or call.

Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!

Underwater Services of NJ, Inc.
PO Box 225
Bradley Beach, NJ  07720
Phone 732.774.8987 Fax 732-774.6202

Email: kbrennan@underwatersvcs.com


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