We troubleshoot and repair leaks in both vinyl and concrete pools and spas. In addition to the repair of leaks we can make cosmetic & structural repairs underwater making draining of the pool unneccesary. Many common problems can be solved without draining the water and therefore avoiding costly downtime.  Give us a call.  It is likely we can provide a solution to your problem without disturbing the fun.

The season to enjoy your pool is short to begin with. Contact us for more information on any of the topics below.

Bottom Drain Cover Replacement

Drain cover replacement can be done underwater. If possible knowing which company built the pool and description of the cover is helpful since there are many different types and sizes of covers.

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Concrete Patch (plaster) Repair

Several options are available for cosmetic, safety and structural repairs to damaged plaster underwater. Contact us for more detailed information.

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Concrete & Vinyl Pool Repairs

We repair concrete and vinyl pools both inground and above ground. We can solve your leak problems and aesthetic cosmetic issues. Contact us for more detailed information.

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Leak Detection

Every service call for a leaking pool is inspected very thoroughly. The following is included in the inspection:
• Filter Area
Check all visible plumbing for leaks backwash line, valves etc.
Check the ground for evidence of leaking

Inspect for cracks, voids, missing plugs. Dye test entire skimmer area repair with epoxy if necessary.

• Steps
Dye test and inspect visible cracks
Dye test step jets and around the jet fixtures
Dye test the seal between the steps and the liner
Removal of all molding to test for leaks that are frequently missed.
Tighten and seal all screws around steps
Epoxy or patch with the appropriate material if possible

• Lights
Remove light and dye test entire fixture, flange, electrical conduit and fittings.
Repair with appropriate materials.

Liner Pools
• Inspecting the liner for cuts and tears
Patch holes with closely matching vinyl liner material
Pin holes may be repaired with vinyl liquid sealant

Concrete Pools
• Cracks - dye test and inspection
Repair cracks with epoxy
• Hydostatic Valve - dye test and inspection
Reseat the valve cap or replace if needed
• Relief Plugs - dye test and inspect for leaking
Repair with epoxy

Note: A filled, clean and clear pool is required to guarantee a thorough inspection. A dirty pool is difficult to inspect and repair with a high degree of confidence in the results. Filled clean and clear if possible is best.

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Pressure Testing

Pressure testing of plumbing lines is in conjunction with leak detection for an additional charge and is included in pool inspections for home buyers.

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Rough plaster removal

Rough areas of the pool surface can frequently be made smooth with the use of manual or power sanding underwater with diamond sanding pads, pumice stones etc. Cosmetic repair of less than industry standard plaster finishes can many times be repaired quite easily underwater.

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Stain, rust & dirt removal

The same procedures for removal and smoothing of rough plaster can be applied to stains and imperfections in the plaster. In addition to manual corrective measures several safe non invasive chemical and mineral solutions to staining problems exist that can be used.

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Underwater Photography

For an additional charge photos of damage and repair can be made. Photos of damages are also offered for insurance and home inspection purposes.

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Underwater Spa Repairs

Spa's are small pools that leak from the same causes as pools. They commonly are integrated with a pool and are the source of pool leaks. All pool services are applicable and offered for spas.

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